четвер, 26 серпня 2010 р.

Невеликий фріланс

Хто зацікавлений у невеликому фрілансі пишіть сюди
Орієнтовна оплата - 1000
Термін виконання - місяць
Інфо по проекту

Here are more details about the project. I need to know the total cost and how long to complete ALL the tasks. The project is a fixed budget, so I can only pay by project basis and milestone completion.

Platform: Liferay Portal 5.2.3
Programming Language: Java
Database: MySQL
Timeline: ONE month

1. Customize Portal theme (theme templates, layout, css etc)
- Includes a 2 level navigation menu
- Customer's designer will provide design in photoshop format. So we need to convert everything to work properly according to liferay theme templates.
- The customized theme and layout must look exactly like the design customer gave to us.

2. Develop Java portlets to be integrated with Liferay -

- Facebook like features -> My Wall / Friend's Walls (post comments, share/post link)
- Find / Add / Remove Friends from a pool of registered members
- See my friend's friend list

Refer to the attached images for more details. Will need to customize Liferay's default feature to work like the images.

3. Customize existing portal functionalities - Integrate member registration with payment gateway (
- When user registers, they will select a member level (Free or Premium). Depending on the level, we will decide to forward user to payment gateway or not.

4. I have a demo version running at if you want to take a closer look at Liferay.